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Ever since America voted a socialist into the White House, the nation has been going down the drain faster than ever before. Actually, it started when the courts removed God and the biblical foundations from American culture that our nation began its rapid decent, however, under Obama, lawlessness and violence dramatically increased as seen by several years of ever increasing violence in Chicago, Obama’s political home town.

Between Chicago city ordinances, Cook County laws and Illinois state laws, Chicago is among the nation’s leading places for strict gun control laws. If the arguments used by Democrats to push gun control are true, then Chicago should be one of the safest places in the nation to live. But is it?

In 2014, Cook County, Illinois (home of Chicago), came in as the county with the second highest murder rate in the nation. The only county with more murders than Cook county was Los Angeles County in California, which has a high percentage of illegal aliens.

In November 2015, I wrote:

“October 1, I reported:

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The more gun control laws there are in a city, the more gun violence one sees. Chicago is a prime example of the backwards effect gun control laws have. It also demonstrates how a society responds when God and the Bible are removed. Something has to fill a void in an open system and what filled the void left by the removal of God and the Bible has been atheism, hedonism, socialism, self-centeredness and violence. America’s only hope is to return to God and biblical principles and foundations.




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