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American Outdoor Brands owns a number of companies including Old Timer, Bubba Blade, Gemtech and Smith & Wesson. According to the company, Smith & Wesson is their most profitable company, but that’s not stopping the President of the Smith & Wesson division to announce his resignation.

Matt Buckingham has been serving as Senior Vice President at American Outdoor Brands and President of the Smith & Wesson division, since joining the company in April 2016, but that will end on December 8. He says his reasons for stepping down are to allow him to pursue other interests. In his absence, James Debney, CEO, will assume the role with Smith & Wesson until the company decides what to do, amidst sagging gun sales.

( – Matt Buckingham, president of Smith & Wesson’s firearms division, resigned last week, according to regulatory documents filed Nov. 24 with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Buckingham said he would step down from his top role at the prolific handgun manufacturer effective Dec. 8 to “pursue other interests.”

Smith & Wesson’s holding company — American Outdoor Brands, of which Buckingham serves as senior vice president — said in financial documents CEO James Debney would fulfill the role in the meantime.

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The rugged outdoors conglomerate counts Smith & Wesson as its top-earner in a portfolio of more than two dozen brands including Gemtech, Crimson Trace, Bubba Blade and Old Timer…

American Outdoor Brands reported a $2.2 million loss in just the first quarter this year and have predicted a year-end figure of earnings totaling $740 million or less, compared to their record breaking year in 2016 when the company reported earnings of $903 million. Like other firearm companies, sales of Smith & Wesson guns have dropped significantly.




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