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Ole Barry is absolutely wonderful in many different aspects, such as:

  1. Being spineless, gutless, ball-less
  2. Putting men in the women’s bathroom
  3. Allowing illegal immigrants to take up residence
  4. Lying to America
  5. Sending money and guns to our enemies
  6. Being politically correct
  7. Taking God out of everything
  8. Supporting the murder of unborn babies
  9. Widening to racial divide in America
  10. Being a MAJOR flip-flopper on issues

So in other words, Barack Obama was the absolute worst president that America has ever seen. Hands down.

One of his biggest slams, along with the rest of liberals, is that President Donald Trump should not be kicking out the illegal immigrants and trying to defund sanctuary cities.

What if I told you that the dumbocrats’ precious leader actually advocated for the exact same policies, once upon a time! It’s true!

See for yourself:

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