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God Bless Texas.

Not just as they recover from Hurricane Harvey, but also for keeping their perspective and their collective personality even through difficult circumstances.

An example of that stick-to-it-iveness that we all know and love about the Lonstar State was on display in the immediate aftermath of the storm, when someone taking video of the flooded region spotted this:

While some on the left have seen this sign, and others like it, as evidence of the inhumanity in disaster, I think it shows us something completely different.

The inhumanity comes from the criminal looters who willingly, even joyously, take advantage of the pain of others. Instead of allowing themselves to become victims, the good citizens of Texas have taken it upon themselves to protect their property and the property of their neighbors. These armed citizens are good Samaritans who have placed themselves between the defenseless and the criminal in an effort to defend their neighbors.

It’s a picture of the beauty and selflessness of the American spirit.

Fox News spotted many other Texans expressing the same sentiment.

In Atascocita, Texas, Hurricane Harvey’s victims are taking a firm stand against opportunistic visitors who might want to steal from residences as homeowners try to recover from the devastation.

“You come down this street looking for problems, you’re gonna get shot,” one homeowner in the Houston-area community told Griff Jenkins.

Posters affixed to stop signs read “If you loot, we shoot,” and Jenkins held up a handmade yard sign that read “Nothing inside worth dying for.”

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