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In 2015, the Texas legislature passed a law that allows legal concealed carry permit holders to carry their concealed weapons on government property and in government buildings.

However, the leaders of Austin, the state’s capital city is blocking legal concealed carry permit holders to access City Hall with their weapons. The city continues to post their signs, citing a city ordinance that prohibits firearms in city government buildings.

Michael Cargill, owner of Central Texas Gun Works filed a complaint against the city with state’s attorney general’s office and Attorney General Ken Paxton has turned the complaint into a lawsuit against the city. Cargill says the lawsuit could cost the city around $7.3 million.

(Breitbart) – Central Texas Gun Works owner Michael Cargill claims Austin, Texas, is risking a $7.3 million fine rather than allow concealed carry permit holders to be armed in City Hall.

Cargill’s assessment comes after he initiated a complaint against Austin, which Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton turned into a lawsuit against the City. The complaint and subsequent suit revolve around a 2015 law requiring concealed carry to be honored in government buildings/properties. Cargill alleged that Austin’s City Hall kept its 30.06 (concealed carry prohibited) sign after the law was implemented and, even after turning the sign to reduce visibility, gave him a verbal notice that he could not carry.

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The Texas Tribune reports that Paxton brought suit in May 2016, on the grounds that “Austin banned firearms in its city hall under the law’s ‘government court’ exception, which prohibits them ‘on the premises of any government court or offices utilized by the court,’ unless a written regulation or the individual court authorizes it.” But Paxton’s office indicated it could not ascertain “which government court or office utilized by a government court, if any, is located within the city hall building.” …

It should be noted that Austin’s city leaders are also trying to defy a state law that bans sanctuary cities. They seem to feel that if they disagree with a law, then they don’t have to abide by it, much like Barack Obama did while he was in office and the same thing Hillary Clinton has repeatedly done. If Austin loses the lawsuit, they not only should be forced to pay the hefty fine, but the city officials responsible for the defiance, should face criminal charges for their actions.





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