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Everything is bigger in Texas, including the dangers that the brave men and women of law enforcement face.

Texas is, in many ways, a state that embodies the American Dream while also bucking the very thought of it.  The Lone Star State has long been one of the most independent states in the nation, both in attitude and in legislation, often referring to themselves as The Republic of Texas, as opposed to “state”.

This attitude has rightfully permeated the entire citizenry, (with the exception of the hipster enclaves in Austin), and Texans themselves are a proud and capable people.

Unfortunately, this also means that the state’s criminal element comes from equally sturdy stock, providing a challenge for police officers from El Paso to Houston.

Now, thanks to a grant from the state legislature, police officers in Texas are getting an enormous equipment upgrade designed to keep these brave officers safe.

“Republican Gov. Greg Abbott this week announced funding for millions of dollars worth of rifle-resistant vests to police departments across the Lone Star State.

“The more than $23 million provided to Texas law enforcement agencies of all sizes comes as a result of a successful Senate bill signed into law last year. In all, 453 agencies will divvy up money for 32,842 vests designed to better withstand rifle rounds than traditional soft body armor typically used by police in the state. The move follows a deadly 2016 encounter in which a subject armed with a rifle ambushed and killed five officers in Dallas at the end of a protest.

“’The job of our law enforcement community is becoming more difficult as the threats our officers face continue to increase,’ said Abbott in a statement, timed to coincide with Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. ‘The State of Texas will not sit idly by and tolerate these actions against officers who are simply doing their job to uphold the law and protect the people of Texas.’”

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In other words, criminals, don’t mess with Texas cops.

Police officers in Texas also have the added worry of Mexican drug cartel infiltration into the Lone Star State.  These violent and powerful gangs pack a powerful punch, with artillery the likes of which no other police force in America has been forced to face.



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