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According to many people who have been chiming in on the Sunday shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, what happened is an issue of guns and the need for more gun control. However, a few are saying it’s more of an issue of sin, than guns. Many evangelicals are trying to weigh in on the issue with divided views, but few seem to realize the real issue at the heart of the mass shooting in Texas and Las Vegas.

YES, it’s a sin issue, but people don’t honestly understand this. In Genesis 6:5, God said that the heart of man is evil continually. In Romans 3, the Apostle Paul tells us that none seek after God or His ways.

Fifty years ago, America began allowing liberals to reject God and the biblical principles our nation was founded upon. In the absence of God and those biblical principles, the evil of people’s heart began to manifest and will continue to do so.

The shooting at a Southern Baptist church in Texas is believed to be the worst such shooting at a church in modern U.S. history.

Several prominent Southern Baptist pastors have President Trump’s ear as members of his unofficial evangelical advisory council. Even so, it would be very surprising if Southern Baptists pushed for changes in gun policy, because it hasn’t been a priority for the denomination in decades.

The Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant group in the country, with about 15 million members, has taken up issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage at its annual conventions, but it has not taken on guns or gun violence in recent decades. Every year, members of Southern Baptist churches vote on resolutions often tied to theological or political matters. A 1968 resolution about Robert F. Kennedy’s death and the assassinations in the 1960s is the only Southern Baptist resolution that mentions guns since 1845, according to its searchable database…

Until the American people and the nation as a whole, returns to God and His statutes, we will continue to see the evil of mankind’s heart. There will be more mass shootings and more violence of all kinds and everyone will blame guns and everything but the real problem. I’ve contended for years that if America’s Christians truly lived the Christian faith as faithfully as Muslims live theirs, we would still be a Christian nation and we would not be witnessing the number of horrors we are seeing today.



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