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As if there weren’t enough reasons to despise the low-rent imbeciles of the TSA, we now have the blue shirted buffoons pretending they have authority over our college football allegiances as well.

From the moment that the TSA was hastily installed in the nation’s transportation hubs in the wake of September 11th, freedom advocates, and libertarians in particular, were outraged.  While the idea of supplementing law enforcement efforts in the wake of the horrific attack certainly seemed logical, creating a brand new cabal of authority out of thin air was certainly not the way to go.

But, in an effort to create the theater of security that some Americans needed, our government went about hiring cheap, inexperienced workers, slapping a badge on them, and then entrusting them to prevent terrorists from hijacking planes and trains – something that the TSA has had exactly zero success with over the course of the last decade and a half.

Then, to make matters worse, the guidelines for TSA agents continued to push increasingly invasive searches and pat downs, with Americans now being forced to succumb to outright groping of their genitals to travel across country.

And let us not forget that our children are also being openly molested by these goons as well.

Now, as one Texas Tech football fan spotted another likeminded pigskin pal in the security line at a Houston airport.  As Texas Tech fans do, they greeted each other with the customary “guns up” salute – literally just finger guns pointed into the air.

That was too much for one overzealous TSA stooge who was then compelled to pull this adult woman aside for a warning.

“On the afternoon of January 6, Diana Durkin, 19, was traveling back to Lubbock after spending the holidays with her family in Houston.

“While in the security line at George Bush Intercontinental Airport, she saw someone wearing a Texas Tech sweatshirt.

“Durkin immediately threw her “Guns Up” signal at her fellow Red Raider. (The signal is each index finger and thumb pointing up in the shape of a gun.)

“Soon after, Durkin said a Transportation Security Administration agent tapped her on the shoulder and said ‘you can’t throw a gun signal up in an airport.’

“The agent quickly pulled Durkin to the side of the line.”

Mind you, Durkin was not pointing these “guns” at anyone, and it was clearly a mutual act between her and her collegiate colleague.

Still, the young woman was forced to endure a thorough search of her luggage and a physical pat down due to her school spirit.

If we are someday forced to look back at the tattered freedoms that our nation once held valuable, we must remember that the TSA was the very embodiment of the oppression inherent within a security state.

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