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One of the qualities that helped Donald Trump get elected was his strong Second Amendment stand, but that stand is teetering and seems to be ready to crash down on him and the American people, all because of the emotional hysteria that has gripped so many since the Florida school shooting.

In the past week, reports indicate that Trump is now willing to support a ban on bump-fire stocks, like those used by Stephen Pollack in the Las Vegas massacre.

Additional reports are indicting that Trump many be open to raising the minimum age for gun purchases and even a ban on assault weapons (which is completely stupid since NONE of the guns used in school or other mass shootings are assault weapons).

(Breitbart) – During Tuesday’s press briefing, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was asked about a proposed “assault weapons” ban and said, “We haven’t closed the door on any front.”

NPR’s Mara Liasson asked, “In 2000 [President Trump] did support an ‘assault weapons’ ban. What is his position now?” She followed her own question by asking if President Trump supports “reinstating” the 1994-2004 federal “assault weapons” ban.

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CNN reported that Sanders responded by saying, “I don’t have any specific announcements, but we haven’t closed the door on any front.” …

First of all, you can’t believe anything CNN reports, as they have THE worst record for fake news than every other major news outlet. Secondly, Trump and White House, as well as most of America, need to understand that assault weapons are pretty much banned already. What everyone is referring to as assault weapons are NOT assault weapons. It’s the same as calling all cars Chevy’s when you are referring something far more expensive and different like a Formula One race car.




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