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Whether you prefer the term armchair quarterback or backseat driver, there is no shortage of folks who fall into that category during this time of national reflection.

Most of the “day late, buck short” opinions we are hearing are coming from the mainstream media, who have long been ready and willing to exploit tragedies such as the Parkland, Florida school shooting that claimed the lives of 17 young adults and members of the school staff.

The leftist media finds tragedies such as this to be beneficial to their political goals, and the nuanced dance between the sorrow of lives cut short and the joy of pushing their agenda is a sickening, but all too frequent piece of modern American culture.

In the wake of this horrific ordeal we’ve learned something shocking about the nature of man, particularly in the case of a school resource officer, (who happened to be a deputy Sheriff in the ultra corrupt Broward County precinct), that ran and hid during the massacre instead of standing up for the students he had been sworn to protect.

Now, the President himself is weighing in on the subject of the wayward officer, claiming that he himself would have had the courage to stand up to the shooter for the sake of these innocent children.

“The president met with United States Governors on Monday, to discuss political issues — including how to stop school shootings from taking place.

“’I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon,’ he said. Trump again criticized the Broward County deputy who remained outside the school as the shooter attacked, calling it disgusting.

“’I really believe I would have,’ he said. ‘You never know until you’re tested.’”

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The President’s remarks mimic what many around the nation have said in the wake of the Broward County revelation.

Even more disturbing still is a recently uncovered conspiracy within the Broward County police department that allowed students to skate on serious criminal charges in order to falsify arrest records, which, in turn, allowed the county and school to receive incredibly lucrative federal grants for “safety”.



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