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From 2009 through 2016, gun sales soared. Each year set a new record for gun sales in the United States. The reason was obvious. Barack Obama and his loyal anti-American minions known as Democrats, were pushing hard to pass more anti-gun laws. This drove patriotic law-abiding American citizens to buy more guns and ammunition before they were outlawed.

Additionally, under Obama, many activist groups became empowered to carry out more violence. Black on black and black on white violence increased and more people, especially women felt it necessary to buy a gun for self-protection.

Gun and ammunition sales boomed as a consequence.

Then Donald Trump was elected. The gun friendly and gun rights supporting Trump was the first president since Raegan to address the NRA. Not even gun friendly Bush 1 or 2 ever spoke at the NRA. Americans are no longer as afraid of losing their gun rights, so are not as inclined to rush out to buy.

President Donald Trump really, really likes guns. To the extent that his April speech to the National Rifle Association (NRA) made him the first sitting president to directly address the gun lobby group since Ronald Reagan in 1983. But that pro-firearms attitude may actually be a double-edged sword, as sharply declining 2017 gun sales suggest—a phenomenon that the industry is informally dubbing its “Trump slump.”

Gun giant Smith & Wesson, which has renamed itself American Outdoor Brands, said that its quarterly net sales had declined nearly 40% in the fiscal quarter ending July 31. That’s $78 million in fewer overall sales, and the drop may be closer to $100 million year-over-year if you’re only taking firearms revenues into account.

The NRA put out multiple ads warning that 2016 Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton would push strong gun control legislation if elected (including this horror movie-esque advertisement arguing a Clinton presidency would “leave you defenseless”)…

The main issue still driving gun sales today is the need for self-defense. Women are still buying guns to carry in their purses because the lawlessness created by Obama still exists. Many homeowners are still buying a gun for protection against intruders due to the same lawlessness and escalating drug use which is also a result of Obama’s failure to secure our border.



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