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A short time after learning that the U.S. Army would be switching from the M9 Beretta to the MC 17 and MC 19 Sig Sauer, we’re finding out that Sig Sauer may also get the contract for the U.S. Special Ops’ new personal defense rifle.

I don’t know why, but I love hearing that these gun companies are developing new and better weapons for our soldiers.

The U.S. Special Operations Command recently announced that they were looking for a new “personal defense weapon” for our soldiers and that weapon would have to meet very strict specs.

The Sig Sauer’s hoping that their latest creation will win them the contract, and get our special forces their new weapon. The firearm could be no longer than 26 inches fully extended, and the stock had to fold down to less than 17 inches. The needs don’t stop there. The gun had to be able to fire both .300 Blackout cartridges and 5.56 rounds.

Sig Sauer’s new MCX “Rattler” ticks all of the military’s boxes and delivers some pretty serious bang and seem to be a significant upgrade from the current firearm of choice, the Heckler & Koch MP5.

“We had groups coming to us and saying the situations [they] were being put into with 9mm subguns, the caliber is not appropriate,” Sig Sauer officials said during a live event releasing the Rattler to the public.

They wanted “an escape gun that is going to have the firepower that [they] need”…

“We wanted to give these guys a gun in a subgun size but that had the firepower to shoot out to 200-plus yards and effectively do what they needed to do,” Sig said.

The Rattler can fire suppressed in the 300 BLK configuration, but Sig says the barrel is too short for operating 5.56 cartridges with a can.

The Rattler upper is swappable with any standard M4 or AR-15-style lower, checking the box for the SOCOM PDW request to have the gun be able to change caliber in less than three minutes.

Sig Sauer has already won the contract for the new Army sidearm, could they be on the verge of scoring the rights to make our Special Forces newest toy too?

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