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Could you imagine finding a beehive longer than you are tall!? Seriously! A massive 9-foot-long beehive, which housed roughly 50,000 bees was found under the roof of an Arizona guest home! Just imagine the defining hum of buzzing they must have heard as they approached the house and found it!

Homeowner Cindy Stewart called in bee experts to help relocate the massive hive of Africanized honey bees last week, according to KOLD-TV.

Stewart said trying to handle the colony by herself seemed risky.

“They’re very aggressive, and they can sting you more than once,” she told KOLD.

Stewart got help from American Bee Control’s Greg Denker, who said it took at least a year for a hive to grown that big.

“This is a bee hive that has been undisturbed by people for a long time, so it’s grown very large,” Denker said.

The agency is relocating the Stewart’s bees to hives and bee boxes in southern Arizona.

I would have found it extremely hard not to grab the hose and spray the bees off! However, that would not have been safe in the slightest. At least they are able to relocate the bees and the homeowner doesn’t have to count her guest house as a loss!

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