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In a twist of sorts, it wasn’t an armed citizen to stop a shooter from escaping, but an unarmed man. Two men got into a fight at a restaurant in Ocala, Florida when one of them pulled out a gun and shot the other man. The shooter then left the restaurant, but didn’t get very far, when an unarmed man who had been at the restaurant with his daughter for Father’s Day, followed the shooter outside and ordered him to stop and get on the ground. Amazingly, he did.

Ocala Fire Rescue confirms that one person is dead after being shot at the Ken’s Winghouse of Ocala around 10 p.m. last night.

Two men reportedly got into an argument at the restaurant. Blows were exchanged and one man pulled a gun on the other. Numerous shots were fired into his chest and back. 

A witness, 39-year-old Matthew Boyd, said he was with his 14-year-old daughter celebrating Father’s Day dinner when the incident occurred.  He said he saw a guy run in front of them, then heard ” a popping noise.” Boyd went on to say that his daughter saw a man hit another man at the restaurant…

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The unarmed dad is fortunate that the shooter didn’t pull his gun and shoot him for trying to stop him but no gun was pulled and the dad is being hailed as a hero. Most people would sit back and make sure they didn’t get involved, but at least one man is different and did get involved. His sense of duty led to a shooter being arrested and sent to jail.




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