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The Garcia family of Houston will probably have nightmares for years to come after their harrowing ordeal this week. Four armed gunmen forced their way into the home and held the family at gun point while the proceeded to rob them of jewelry and cash. The gunmen threatened to shoot and kill the family during the ordeal. However, an uncle who lived next door, came to the rescue with his own gun.

What would you do if you discovered that your relatives living next door were surprised by armed intruders? That’s what happened to a Houston family this week.

Four armed intruders broke into a house, threatened to shoot the family inside and then tied some of them up with their shoelaces. Twin boys ran to a bedroom and locked the door, but one of the gunman threatened to shoot their sister if the boys didn’t unlock and come out of the bedroom.

During the incident, the father and one another male member of the family were pistol whipped in the back of the head by the armed intruders. While in the house, the intruders stole jewelry and cash…

Hopefully, by identifying the two intruders who were shot by the uncle, law enforcement investigators will be able to learn the identity of the two that got away and charge them with multiple crimes. They should also be charged for the death of their criminal colleague since they were part of the crime that got him killed.



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