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For a while, the race for the Virginia Governor’s mansion was heated and close. Terry McAuliffe is the current Democratic governor. This year’s contest is pitting Democrat Ralph Northam, the current Lieutenant Governor under McAuliffe against Republican Ed Gillespie, former chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia and former Counselor to the President for George W Bush.

The latest poll indicates that Northam is pulling ahead of Gillespie by a sizeable margin and some are wondering if the mass shooting in Las Vegas is somehow responsible. Northam is a typical anti-Second Amendment Democrat and Gillespie is a typical pro-Second Amendment Republican.

The mainstream media has been flooded this past week with anti-gun, pro-gun control propaganda, playing on the massacre in Las Vegas. Is the mass shooting impacting this race due to the stands on gun control between the two candidates?

A relatively unified party base gives Democrat Ralph Northam a clear lead over Republican Ed Gillespie heading into the final month of the Virginia governor’s race, according to a new Washington Post-Schar School poll.

Northam leads Gillespie by 53 percent to 40 percent among likely voters, with 4 percent supporting Libertarian Cliff Hyra. The advantage is similar to a Post-Schar School poll this spring but larger than in other public polls of likely voters released over the past month, most of which found Northam up by single digits.

But the race is still fluid, with a sizable number of likely voters — 1 in 4 — saying they could change their minds before Nov. 7…

In the latest poll, nearly 25% of the people said that they could easily change their votes between now the general election in November, meaning that all is not lost yet for Gillespie. The issue of gun control, which is being pushed hard the liberal left and the media, could have a negative impact on the elections next month, swaying many voters to side with gun-control advocating Democrats.




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