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If you have at all followed the gun control mantra of the liberal left over the past decade, you don’t have to be a firearm expert to know that most Democrats know little to nothing about guns. The best example is how so many of them continue to use the term assault weapon when they are NOT talking about assault weapons. They have no clue what they are talking about.

A Marine veteran the following op-ed about why so many veterans don’t vote for liberals and Democrats (one and the same) and one of the main reasons is due to their ignorance of firearms. Listening to many Democrats talk about firearms and gun control is like listening to an American bank president talk about effective wildlife management in Australia.

(Newsweek) – I am a Marine veteran, an infantry officer who carried an M4 in a combat zone. I am also a Democrat from San Francisco, who lived in New York, and believes in gun control. And as mass shooting follows shooting, I am frustrated by the paralysis on gun control. I am frustrated by the National Rifle Association (NRA), by hollow ‘thoughts and prayers,’ and by moments of silence. Yet as a Democrat, I am also deeply frustrated by my party’s approach to guns. My party’s positions are ineffective, unlikely to achieve policy changes, and politically short-sighted because they are fundamentally illogical.

I did not grow up with guns—except for Boy Scout camp, I’d hardly touched a gun until the Marines. Like most people from coastal cities, I found guns scary and off-putting, and wondered why, even given the right, anyone but the military or police would ever own guns.

Fundamentally, I maintained the irrational belief that guns somehow just go off and hurt people—all by themselves. I used to think of gun control—and especially measures aimed at seemingly military ‘assault rifles’—as such an obvious public good that I couldn’t help but see opponents as being intentionally perverse…

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I know a lot of veterans most of them say they won’t vote for Democrats because of how they disrespect America, the military, the American people and everything patriotic. One veteran told me that he attended a socialist rally in eastern Europe years ago and then attended a Democrat rally here in the states, only to tell me the only difference was the accent of the speakers.




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