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When it comes to ignorance on the issue of the 2nd Amendment, there are few platforms who are more frustratingly oblivious than CNN.

This sentiment could easily be shared for all nooks and crannies of the mainstream media, in reality, but CNN has chosen to be a lightning rod of controversy in recent years due to their declining ratings.  By angering conservatives, they are sure to find their pathetically out-of-touch reporting popping up in all corners of the internet, as American conservatives share their ridiculous assertions far and wide in an education campaign of sorts.

Yes, even we here at Keep And Bear are guilty of it, given that some of the nonsense that is generated by the nincompoop network can be fairly entertaining.

Such is the case with the clip below, in which a CNN personality, fed up with the responsibility being displayed by a hired AR-15 marksmen and his slow, methodical trigger pulls, demands that their “dancing monkey” gun owner fire the weapon in “full semi auto” mode in order to demonstrate just how evil and scary the gun really is.


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That may very well be the most cringeworthy bit of leftist lunacy that we’ve experienced in some time.

Of course, CNN is fairly adept at the semantic gymnastics necessary to make such a leap.  As the leaders in “fake news”, as declared by the U.S. President and a majority of Americans, there is hardly any doubt that CNN’s linguistic slip-up was no accident.

By inserting the word “full” into their description of the AR-15’s trigger pull : rounds fired ratio, CNN has now distinguished the “assault weapon” as something wholly separate from the hunting rifles that share its platform.

After all, the AR-15 is nothing more than a comfortable, lightweight, small caliber rifle that happens to display its high-tech roots on the outside.  Most hunting rifles pack more punch than the “poodle shooter” AR-15.

Twitter users went straight to work lambasting the network for their inexcusable attempt to vilify the weapon.



Better luck next time, CNN.


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