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How much of a coward does one need to be in order to not only mock a disabled person, but then to also sucker punch them as well? Apparently it doesn’t take much of a man to do so.

Police have arrested (and charged) 29-year-old Barry Baker after he can be seen on video mocking the way a man with with cerebral palsy is walking. Then he sucker punches the disabled man in the face.

The victim stopped and stood in front of his car, when authorities say Baker punched the victim directly in the face, without warning.

“The defendant’s actions in this case are appalling. You wonder what would make an individual treat somebody like that,” West Chester Police Chief Scott Bohn said of the incident.

Baker left the scene as the victim placed his hand over his face where he was punched.

Bail was set and posted at 10% of $25,000, and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for May 30, 2017


Watch for yourself:

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