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Why are white people so consumed with “white guilt” and obsessed with “white privilege?” It’s a mystery to me. I did not own slaves, nor did my parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so forth. So why do I need to pay up some type of reparations for something I had nothing to do with? It baffles me.

This is America and everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. There was a day when that was not true, before most of our lifetimes, but times have changed.

Ami Horowitz went to a New York conference on “white privilege” and asked the attendees to explain their whiteness. Somebody told him, “We’re all racist.” But he then went to a black neighborhood in Harlem to ask people there if they were consumed with the same concern over white privilege. They all felt that to be so consumed would be to admit that they couldn’t accomplish their own dreams and goals, and they definitely don’t think that is the case.

While the white folks were talking about how they have privilege for simply being on earth, the black people questioned did not even consider it. They work hard to provide for their family, whether it be as a businessman, lawyer, teacher, etc. They are not consumed with white people and their so called privilege. As one man stated, “Color Ain’t Stopped Nothing, It’s a Myth.”

He’s right. If you blame color, you are simply taking the lazy way out and blaming all your problems on something that you have no control over…

Here is the video:

What do you think? Is “white privilege” an actual thing? Or is is something that was made up by looney liberals?

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