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The Walmart corporation is being forced to apologize after a photo from one of their stores recently went viral on social media. The photo showed a long gun display case with a back-to-school sign above it saying “Own the School Year Like a Hero.”

Obviously, the sign mixed with the gun display doesn’t really make any sense. Obviously, someone at this particular store is going to get in a bit of trouble for not placing the sign near the back-to-school stuff (like clothes, school supplies, etc). Obviously, someone at this store is going to be disciplined for not having the presence of mind to realize that putting this sign with the gun display would make leftist heads explode.

Which is kind of what happened next.

After this Twitter user noticed the poorly paired grouping, the entire left wing of the nation seemed to simultaneously smell the opportunity to express their outrage at Walmart for the issue.

It was almost as if these people believed that Walmart purposefully paired the “back-to-school” sign with their gun display. It was as if these people didn’t realize that there are thousands of Walmart stores in the United States and that each of those stores employs tens (and possibly hundreds) of people, any of whom could have accidentally or lazily placed the sign. (Even worse, someone could have done it as a joke!) No, the left refused to consider these possibilities and instead spent their not-so-valuable free time ranting and complaining about the image on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

For their part, Walmart quickly responded with an apology and promised to get to the bottom of the situation.

I understand that Walmart should be made aware of the bad display. I get that they shouldn’t be putting “back to school” signs with the gun collection. What I don’t understand is why this became a viral outrage that everyone who hates Walmart, guns, Middle America, Republicans, and Christians had to jump on? Are these people really so bored that they have countless hours to whine, complain, and dissemble about a back-to-school display in a Walmart?

That’s just crazy.

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