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A number of communities across the nation where trying to rally anti-gun people wear orange to show their support for more gun control and stopping gun violence. One of those communities was Jacksonville, Florida. Liberals continue to target guns as the source of the violence instead of the people. The anti-Trump protesters in Portland over the weekend didn’t have guns, but they were armed with many other types of weapons and were prepared to use them.

Bullets don’t discriminate. That’s the message one Jacksonville mother wants other parents to know after her teenage son was shot and killed five months ago.

With his killer still on the loose and motive still unclear, Latasha Hobbs is speaking out against gun violence with the group Moms Demand Action.

This weekend, the group is encouraging people to wear Orange. On Saturday, they held a rally at Friendship Fountain Park to raise awareness against gun violence.

“Unfortunately, my son was taken by gun violence January 26 of this year two days after his 18th birthday,” Hobbs said…

Wearing orange and protesting for more gun control laws will not stop gun violence. That’s the blind naivety of liberals who ignore the facts and get people riled up with emotional appeals instead of addressing the real heart of the problem – the heart of the people. Take God out of society and the void will quickly fill with empty evilness that results in needless violence. That’s the problem – no God, no hope, just frustration and anger.


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