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Anti-gun fanatics are up in arms because Shot Show, one of the nation’s largest firearm and ammo show, is being held in Law Vegas, just a few miles from where Stephen Paddock opened fire on the crowd attending a country music festival.

At Shot Show, a number of new firearms, accessories and ammunitions have been introduced, but perhaps the biggest news came from Adam Weatherby, president and CEO of Weatherby Inc. he announced that the company, currently located in California, is packing up their business and moving to Wyoming.

California has been waging a war against firearms, including firearms companies and Weatherby said that Wyoming is welcoming them with open arms.

(Buckrail) – Weatherby, Inc. is coming to Wyoming. The 75-year-old firearm manufacturer renowned for its accurate and hard-hitting hunting rifles, made the announcement yesterday via Facebook live video from SHOT Show in Las Vegas with Governor Matt Mead and the Wyoming Business Council on-hand.

Adam Weatherby made the announcement Tuesday, January 23 from SHOT Show. Adam was named the company’s new president and CEO last January as father Ed passed him the reins as Ed’s father Roy had done a generation earlier.

Adam Weatherby said his company has been looking to get out of California for three years now. They entertained offers from various western mountain states but a meeting with Mead a year ago at SHOT Show just about sealed the deal for Weatherby…

It’s surprising that Weatherby and other firearms related companies haven’t packed and left California long ago. When Colorado passed some anti-gun legislation a few years ago, a number of firearms companies left the state and the Outdoor Channel cancelled 4 programs filmed in the state. Hopefully, other firearms companies will follow Weatherby’s example and leave the land of nuts, fruits, flakes and whackos.



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