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Asking a rapist not to rape you never works for a terrified woman. Asking an intruder not to take your only valuable possession never works. Asking Washington politicians to stop their bickering and work together for the good of the nation rarely works Asking your kids to stop doing something rarely works, especially if all you do is ask or yell without any type of punishment like spanking. This is the same tactic a naïve activist in Baltimore is pushing. Erricka Bridgeford, Training Director for Community Mediation Maryland, is doing just that. She and fellow activists, are pushing for the weekend of August 4 – 6 to have a 72-hour murder free period. She is hoping that criminals will put their guns away for the weekend and stop shooting each other.

Activists in Baltimore are attempting to promote a murder-free weekend by urging criminals to ditch their guns — despite the failure of previous community ceasefires to curb violence.

Activist Erricka Bridgeford has been pushing her campaign for a violence-free weekend since May, and the idea has garnered support on social media. She and other activists are calling for a 72-hour ceasefire from Aug. 4 to Aug. 6.

“This is a city-wide call, asking Baltimore residents to celebrate life during the ceasefire,” the event’s website stated.

Baltimore has been marred by violence for years. The city has seen 188 murders already this year…

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If just asking people not do what they shouldn’t be doing worked, there would be a lot less crime, a lot less partisan politics and our streets would be safer to walk at night. If that worked, then there wouldn’t be any illegal aliens taking our jobs, illegally voting, crowding our schools, closing our emergency medical facilities or draining the budgets of cities, counties and states.




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