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There are some subjects that cause the majority of people to feel strongly about and one of those is guns. Many people have set opinions on one side of the Second Amendment issues or the other side A Wisconsin newspaper’s online poll about whether or not concealed carry permit holders should be allowed to take their weapons on school property or not brought out both sides.

Last week, we asked readers what they thought of a bill in the Legislature that would allow some gun holders to bring weapons on to Wisconsin school properties and would remove the state’s current requirements for training and a permit to carry concealed weapons. (We think it’s a bad idea, as we said in an editorial, but there are strong advocates for the measure.)

As you might have guessed, our question drew a healthy response that was sharp and mixed, with Second Amendment advocates and gun critics going at each other. Here are some of the 150-plus replies we received on our Facebook posting of the question:

“The Journal’s reflexive response to the 2nd Amendment is predictable. The Left is against carry laws and they ignore decades of experience in the country showing crime drops when people can defend themselves. Insofar as transferring your security to law enforcement when in public, courts have ruled police only have a general duty to protect the public and not a specific obligation to an individual.” …

Chances are that most of you feel as strongly about your Second Amendment rights as I do and believe that the more people that are armed and trained, the lower the crime rate will be and safer our schools and public places will be also. Why else do most whackos and terrorists target gun free zones instead of gun friendly zones. Note that even those who intend on dying after their rampage still chose gun free zones.



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