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What is wrong with mothers these days?? They are supposed to love and nature their babies, and protect them from harm! Not allow them to be bitten by snakes!?

A woman in Sebring, Florida is currently under investigation after she allowed her 1-year-old baby to be bitten by a red rat snake, and videoed it for Facebook. 

She also says that she has no regrets for letting the snake bite her daughter, stating that she was “introducing” the after she found the reptile in her driveway.

The woman, who wasn’t identified because she’s not been charged, says “people are too sensitive.” She has deleted the Facebook video.

She says the snake bit her and her son several times and “didn’t leave a mark.” She thought it was a good opportunity to “introduce” the girl to the snake without her getting hurt.

She says it’s important to teach her kids how to handle wildlife and what to avoid.

Steve Irwin would be rolling over in his grave right now if he heard about this! There is a right way and a wrong way to do thing folks. This is NOT the right way to introduce your children to wildlife.

I will be seriously surprised if she still has custody of her children after this!

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