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Having a concealed carry weapon doesn’t mean you will not escape being the victim of crime. A Chicago woman was driving along when her car was struck by another. After getting out to look at the damage to her car, one man jumped in her car and drove away before she could pull out her concealed carry weapon. A second man tried to get into the passenger side of the car as the woman pulled her gun. He ended up running down an alley as she shot at him.

A woman with a concealed carry permit opened fire on a man after an attempted carjacking Wednesday on the city’s Northwest Side, police said.

Officers responded to the scene in the 2400 block of West Ohio Street in the city’s West Town neighborhood about 5:35 p.m. A 41-year-old woman said she was driving northbound on Western Avenue when a gray sedan struck her vehicles, according to police. She pulled over to inspect the damage when an “unknown male” jumped in her car and fled, police say.

The woman told police she saw another person, also a male, hiding behind a garbage can, police said. The woman opened fire at some point during the incident with her registered concealed weapon, according to Chicago police…

Neighbors in the area of the shooting were more concerned about the woman shooting at the carjacker than they were about the carjackers being in their neighborhood. The lessons learned is one, you need to have quicker access to your concealed weapon and you need to practice shooting so that if you shoot at someone, you make sure you hit them and not an innocent bystander.



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