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Many liberals are shocked to learn that more and more women are applying for concealed carry permits in states where they required. In open carry states, it’s known that the number of women that carry a concealed weapon is growing. Most are doing so for self-defense of themselves and their families. They don’t feel safe outside their homes anymore and are turning to firearms for protection and safety.

The best fight is no fight, but Kristie Young still wants to know how to defend herself and her family. That’s why she applied for her concealed carry license.

“I think people think, as women, that the men should be able to protect everything, but I want to be somewhere and even be with my husband and even be on the same level, playing field and be able to protect all of us if we need to,” said Kristie Young, a Johnstown resident.

Vicky Bretz walks in the woods with her grandchildren and fears for their safety.

“I would have never thought I would have owned a gun, but times have changed,” said Bretz, another Johnstown resident.

In spite of the fact that more women feel it necessary to be armed to protect themselves and their families, Democrats still strive to prevent the women from being armed. Democrats don’t want anyone, including women to be carrying a gun in public and they really don’t care about the safety of the women or children. Their anti-American agenda is more important that the protection of women and children. Talk about a war on women.



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