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It is no secret that men are biologically stronger than women. Overall, even with training, men will still be stronger than women. This is not an attack on the female population, it’s just science.

Did you know that almost HALF of the women who have tried to make it through basic military training, One Station Unit Training (OSUT), at Fort Benning in Georgia did not make it? That’s even with the requirements being  altered to fit women.

Those women who can make it through are absolute beasts. I don’t know that I, an averagely fit female, could make it through military training. So I give made props to those who can. However, that doesn’t change the fact that they are making it through with altered requirements. If a woman is in the military, she needs to be able to keep up with the men.

Milo reports:

According to, only 18 of the 32 women who participated in the training advanced – not a good figure for the history books considering this is the first time women have participated in this training.

The outlet goes on to declare that “leadership attributed the high female attrition rates in the class – nearly fifty percent – to a private’s size and stamina when carrying the standard 35-pound rucksack and combat loads, with most of the women only around or under 5’4 and weighing less than 125 pounds.” further cites trainees who claim there was “a clear double-standards between males and females in their training cycle, including lighter rucksacks and lower expectations.”

According to, the women who did pass were the minority among their 137 peers.

“There were subtle differences about this cycle,” the outlet states. “Pink and purple running shoes, long hair, more security in the barracks, and more visits from the brass.” states that “soldiers unanimously supported the integration down to the team level.”

“Can women really keep up with men? Have you not been looking around for the last however many decades?”

According to The National Review, in 2015 all 45 “hand-picked, highly fit women” who participated in Ranger and Marine-officer combat training flopped.

“The 45 women were part of an effort to meet a 2016 deadline mandating that all combat roles, including special forces, be opened up to women,” the outlet states before citing a study from Britain’s Tri-Science Review which concluded that co-ed military units have “lower survivability” and a “reduced lethality rate.”

So, this isn’t to say women can’t be in the military and be great at it, but it is to show that women simply aren’t built as big and strong as men. The women who are allowed in should be absolutely up to par. How can you expect a female to carry her fellow male soldier off the battle field if she cannot even pick him up?

Just something to think about.



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