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Let me start off by saying: WHAT THE HECK!? This is messed up beyond belief. A muslim Lawmaker is fighting to have insurance payments paid to the families of radical islamists who kill themselves while killing others….in the name of Allah. How about, ummm, NO!


This is a massive slap in the face to everyone who has been affected by the scum bag radicals. How about the families of the ones they killed? Where is their insurance payout? They’re the ones that deserve it!

Minnesota bill HF1397 (“Life insurance payments limited for beneficiaries of persons furthering terrorism”) authored by State Representative Joe Hoppe (R – Twin Cities) et al., soared in numbers of lawmakers in support and succeeded the House. But it met opposition from Muslim Representative Ilhan Omar (D – Minneapolis).

Ilhan Omar, a Somali woman who is touted as the nation’s first female Muslim lawmaker, currently presiding in the Minnesota House of Representatives, was one of two elected officials voting against the bill to deny life insurance benefits to radical terrorist policyholders who perpetrated tragedy resulting in loss of innocent lives. If you find that reprehensible, then we stand together with countless others. The entire notion defies logic, reason, and principles of humanity. With Ms. Omar’s preposterous perspective, not even a crumb of compunction is evident.

Under her political website’s “Engaging Our Community” tab, Representative Omar beckons for “everyone to chip in.” That is an interesting choice of words, given her stance favoring paying terrorist-affiliated beneficiaries. Apparently, this is how she feels a 2016, first-term election win is to be endeavored. As an elected democrat, this is the democracy she envisions for her constituency. It is nothing shy of befuddling and infuriating.

On her Twitter account bio, Rep. Omar describes herself as an “intersectional feminist, mom, State Representative for #mnleg 60B.”

I am actually sick that she is even allowed in a position of authority within the US government. As long as that is her point of view, we don’t want her! Give us someone who is actually American and will make choices to protect Americans.

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