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In the heart of California wine country, a terrifying event played out on Friday when a disenfranchised Veteran stormed an assisted care facility with a rifle.

The man, who police are just now identifying, entered the enormous Veterans Home of California-Yountville with a rifle and nearly immediately was confronted by Sheriff’s deputies.  Shots were fired during this first exchange, before our antagonist decided to take three hostages and initiate a standoff with police.

Now, after a long, drawn out situation that played out over the 600 acre campus, tragic news has been released from the scene.

“A tense standoff between the police and a gunman who had stormed into a California veterans home and taken three clinicians hostage came to a grim end Friday night when officers entered the room the gunman was in to find him and the hostages dead.

“The confrontation stretched throughout the day and into the evening; officials said that some hostages had been released early on, but three remained trapped in a room with the gunman. Teams of federal, state and local law enforcement officials and hostage negotiators from three agencies had been unable to make contact with the gunman or the hostages throughout the day, officials said.”

How about the identity of the gunmen?

“Albert Wong was found dead together with the hostages after a nearly 8-hour standoff with law enforcement at the Veterans Home of California in Yountville, California.

“Wong—dressed in black, armed with a rifle and reportedly wearing body armor—managed to evade the deputy before taking three people hostage and holing up in one room, Childs said.”

Of course, given that Wong used a firearm to commit his crime, the left has been pushing this mental health incident as yet another reason to neuter the Second Amendment.


And then there was this Twitter user, who inexplicably had to make the jump to “assault” rifles:


Wong had been receiving care at the facility to treat his combat-related stress, and likely had a close relationship with the three women he so brutally murdered.


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