“The toy company that’s making the holidays great again!” — Fox and Friends co-host, Steve Doocy

Rubber Band Powered Flintlock Toy Pistol

This toy pistol fires paper wad musket balls, not bullets!

Remember the good old days (before smart phones) when kids played cops and robbers? Recapture the magic of an American childhood…

WARNING: Liberals will try to ban this toy! It's far too American for their communist underbelly and they might confuse it with a real gun, which we actually use to protect us from bad guys and a tyrannical government. This gun is just for fun, although don't aim at eyes or face and do not shoot at people or animals.

To Use This Classic American Toy:

  • Load a small paper wad into pistol barrel.
  • Hold the pistol securely with one hand while pulling back the plunger with the other hand. Aim the pistol and release plunger to fire at will!
  • If replacement of rubber band is needed, feed a new band through the hole drilled into the wooden ball at the end of the plunger at the back end of the pistol.
  • Attach each end of the rubber band to the small dowels protruding from each side of the pistol barrel.