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Russia Didn't Make Me Vote for Trump Bumper Sticker

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Russian Collusion? The Democratic Party and their operatives in the mainstream media are lying to the American people about Russian involvement in Trump's historic election. The truth is that Hillary was colluding with the Russians! Besides, the reason conservatives voted for Trump was because Hillary scared the hell out of them. Not Russia.

Liberalism has become the party of hatred, hypocrisy, anti-science, racism, and violence. Thousands of liberals are waking up to this fact and are now calling themselves conservatives! However, the mainstream media is once again working to SILENCE them by claiming their #WalkAway movement is totally fake and run by Russian Bots. How ridiculous... Let's show our support!

The bottom line?

Russia Didn't Make Me Vote for Trump. Hillary Did!

And the best part? This sticker is made in the USA!

4.22" x 4.20" weatherproof bumper sticker!