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Pi$$ing Trump Badboy Clear Sticker (MADE IN THE USA)

The mid-terms are over and the highly anticipated "blue wave" was more like a blue stain on the bottom of President Trump's penny loafers. Republicans gained even more seats in the Senate. Those Senators who voted against Kavanaugh were booted out of office. Sure, we lost some seats in the house. But this is the way every mid-term goes after a Presidential election. President Trump will likely nominate another conservative Supreme Court Justice before his first term is over.

The original Trump Badboy vs. Liberals sticker has been our most popular sticker ever sold. Now, for a limited time, we are offering a second sticker absolutely free! Keep a back-up in your glove box in the event that a deranged snowflake scrapes your original off. Or give your second copy to a fellow-conservative. Whatever you decide, take advantage of this deal before it expires!

6" x 4.328" clear die cut sticker