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Trump Force One Photo Print (Collector's Item)


Donald's Trump's personal jet is a symbol of the American Dream and a testament to his business genius.

"Trump Force One" — as some have dubbed the jet— has been one of the most visible symbols of his run for the Oval Office. Trump likes to call it the "T-Bird," according to a Discovery Channel documentary featuring the plane. According to the documentary, Trump's Boeing 757 cost a whopping $100 million.

President Trump has owned the Boeing airliner — registration N757FA— since 2011 and has customized the aircraft to his liking. Although Trump may be the jet's current owner, he wasn't its first. President Trump's Boeing 757-2J4ER first flew in May 1991. 

In 1995, the jet was bought by Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen. For the next 15 years, the Boeing served as a corporate runabout for the billionaire's various interests.

The current 757 took the place of Trump's former plane, a Boeing 727 built in 1969.

The Boeing 757 is powered by a pair of Rolls-Royce RB211 turbofan engines—a feature Trump was very keen to have on his plane.

Although it's not the most fuel-efficient engine in the world, it is incredibly powerful. In fact, it's earned the 757 a reputation among pilots for being a bit of a hot rod.

It has all of the features you'd expect Donald Trump to enjoy, such as ...

  • a silk-lined master bedroom equipped with ...
  • a big-screen entertainment system ...
  • a master bath with 24-karat-gold fixtures and ...
  • a shower!
  • a dining room
  • In total, the plane is equipped with two bedrooms.
  • virtually every fixture in the plane is 24-karat-gold plated — even the seat belts!

In airline operations, the Boeing 757-200 can carry as many as 239 passengers, but Trump's plane is configured for only 43.

The plane's headrests and pillows are embroidered with the Trump family crest.

The seats have personal entertainment systems and convert into beds.

There's also a private guest room with another entertainment system.

But if you want to watch something communally, then there's the main lounge, with its 57-inch screen TV and access to 1,000 movies.

If you get hungry, there's also a galley.

This description was quoted in part from an article on The Business Insider: (https://www.businessinsider.com/donald-trump-boeing-757-airliner-trump-force-one-private-jet-2016-11)

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