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In the fight for the 2nd Amendment, there is a serious and plausible concern over giving the left and inch, but having them take a mile.

Such has been the case from the very beginning of the left’s pushback against the all important piece of American liberty.  There just seems to be something about the phrase “shall not be infringed” that the left cannot seem to understand, and so they continually attempt to define the 2nd Amendment from the wrong angle – pigeonholing what was meant to be a carte blanche ability of the people to rule the land as opposed to tyrannical outliers within the government.

As such, the left has been instrumental in producing ban after ban, outlawing handguns outright in certain locals, capping magazine capacities, and making illegal a number of products that make our firearms more efficient.

The latest victim of this attack has been the bump stock – a device used to harness recoil on semi automatic rifles, allowing the user to properly send ammo downrange as a rate of his or her choosing.  In the wake of the Las Vegas massacre of October, bump stocks were thrust into the spotlight, with left-leaning municipalities banning them outright.

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While this may seem like a small step for the unwieldy, leftist gun-grabbers, one former ATF chief has dire predictions for where it’s headed. 

“Former ATF Gun Tech Chief Rick Vasquez warns that the ATF’s current push to ban bump stocks will open the door to other bans.

“On December 22, 2017, Breitbart News reported that the ATF was formulating a redefinition of ‘machineguns’ so that the term would cover ‘machineguns’ and non-machineguns as well. Gun controllers have to do this because a bump stock does not convert a semiautomatic firearm into a ‘machinegun.’ Rather, it allows a semiautomatic firearm to mimic full-auto fire in short bursts, but does so without converting the firearm’s action or allowing multiple rounds to be fired with a single trigger pull.


“The ATF’s former gun tech chief is warning that efforts to redefine ‘machineguns,’ for the the purposes of banning bump stocks, will only lead to more bans. He told the Military News Channel, ‘So ATF’s been directed to write a regulation with the strength of a law.’ He said the advance notice copy of the new rule makes clear that the ATF’s new regulation will ban ‘any device that automatically resets a firearm and enhances the rate of fire.’ He added, ‘That is extremely broad.'”

But here is the real crux of the issue:

“Vasquez observed, ‘They are trying to target binary triggers, [bump stock] devices, and other devices, but that is such broad language, can I take that to a Gatling gun? …So now you start stretching this [new] definition, and who is going to decide what the [standard] rate of fire is?’ In other words, Vasquez is saying a this new ban simply opens the door to ‘stretching’ the language to cover other devices, as the ruling class sees fit.”

Will Vazquez’s voice be heard over the cries of the bleeding heart liberals who turn tragedy into political windfall every chance that they get?  Only time will tell.



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