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For years, a debate has been raging among firearms critics and police proponents about whether or not there are opportunities for non-lethal incapacitation tools on the force.

Of course the police are looking for ways to not use deadly force in their everyday work.  Despite what groups like Black Lives Matter try to tell us, the American police force is not an aggressive gang of minority-hating hitmen whose sole purpose is to rid the world of brown and black criminals.  This concept is merely just another piece of the left’s divide and conquer strategy, employing opposition in order to turn voters.

One option for this has been the Taser, which incapacitates its targets by sending a heavy duty electric current through their musculature rendering them unable to control their limbs.  Most Taser subjects find themselves flopping around on the pavement, not unlike a caught fish, until police are able to restrain them.

There are problems with the system, however, in that targets with unusually low muscle mass tend to be less affected by the device.  Furthermore, certain mind altering drugs have shown to be effective antidotes to the shock, with Angel Dust and PCP users often walking right through their first few zaps.

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This has meant that police, in a a situation of life and death, have no choice but to continue employing their service pistols in order to keep themselves and innocent bystanders safe in certain situations.

Now, a new study reveals that, while the  pro-Taser contingent means well, they have no way of proposing the device’s use as a replacement for necessary deadly force.

“There is ‘no evidence’ that the adoption of Tasers reduces police use of firearms, according to a study released this week from the University of Chicago.

“While the latest study found that the electric shock weapon reduces the rate of police injury, it also determined that police use of firearms remained unchanged. The team studied data from the Chicago Police Department starting in 2010, when the city’s police force began issuing Tasers to patrol officers. Their findings were released by the National Bureau of Economic Research on Monday.

“Many cities have recently decided to give Tasers a second chance after police use of force led to public unrest in Baltimore, Chicago and Ferguson, Missouri. Precincts have started adopting or increasing their use of less-than-lethal force – including pepper spray and Tasers – in an effort to reduce injury and death while still giving police options when facing would-be assailants.”

In isolated incidents, Tasers have been found to be deadly on their own, particularly when employed on perpetrators who have already existing heart conditions or weak nervous systems.

While the battle continues to rage on the left regarding firearms and their place in society, the numbers here do not lie.  There just isn’t a substitute for the option of deadly force in our modern law enforcement reality.


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