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Someone call Samuel L. Jackson! We’ve got scorpions on planes!

United Airlines can’t catch a break this week! First they drag a man off one of their over booked flights, breaking his nose and giving him a concussion, and now it has been reported that a man on a different flight was stung by a scorpion!

The scorpion was said to have fallen from an overhead bin, and then stung Richard Bell, who was flying United Airlines with his wife, on Sunday, from Houston to Calgary.

United told CNBC the airline crew immediately consulted with a physician on the ground who provided guidance throughout the incident. The company said the man’s injuries were non-life threatening.

“Medical personnel met the aircraft after it arrived in Calgary,” United spokesman Charles Hobart told CNBC.

His injuries were not life threatening. However, it sounds like United may end up finding themselves in the middle of another lawsuit after this incident.

Fox News Reports:

“It fell in my hair. I grabbed it. I was hanging onto it by its tail,” said Bell in an interview with

“I looked down and I thought, ‘Aw, it kind of looks like a little lobster,” added Linda.

After a fellow passenger informed the couple that the scorpion might be poisonous, Bell removed the arthropod — which reportedly measured an inch and a half — and placed it on a plate. He then picked it up again, at which point Bell says he felt a sharp pain akin to “a wasp sting” on his finger.

Another passenger reportedly stomped on the critter before United employees disposed of it in an airplane toilet.

A spokesman for United claims that the crew took immediate action, and contacted a medical professional on the ground for assistance. Emergency personnel were also on-hand to meet with Bell upon his arrival in Calgary.

“The pilot announced it,” fellow passenger John Rogers told “Because (Bell) was bitten, emergency services, the fire department and police boarded the plane.”

So, who’s next? Might want to avoid United Airlines for a while.


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