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The state of Virginia is on the leading edge of America’s battle for gun rights, with a number of battles occurring within the state’s legislation.

While there is plenty of arguing left to occur on the state house floor, especially with a newly minted governor working to establish dominance in a hotly contested arena, Virginians can at least agree that unintended gun violence is still a problem, regardless of the legal and constitutional issues that surround it.

That’s why Virginia is pushing to implement a new piece of advocacy in the form of a custom license plate for the state’s drivers.

“Over the objections of eight Republicans, the House of Delegates on Friday approved the creation of a specialty license plate with the message ‘Stop Gun Violence.’

“The House voted 89-8 with one abstention in favor of a bill to authorize the new plate and earmark proceeds from its sales to mental health and other services.

“Del. Marcus Simon, D-Fairfax, sponsored House Bill 287. He said it would draw attention to problems caused by firearms.

“’We have a culture in this country where we’ve started seeing gun violence on a daily basis,’ Simon said. ‘It can get people thinking of what they can be doing to improve the gun violence epidemic that we have, unfortunately.'”

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While the message coming from the left side of Virginia’s house is a little pretentiously partisan, if some of the proceeds from this plate can benefit common sense education for these liberal lunatics.


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