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Okay, I listened to the video below, and I almost lost brain cells listening to Whoopi rant with her raspy voice that sounds like she has been smoking since birth.

She whined and ranted about President Trump and his Twitter account. Trump tweets are a direct line to the people. They are completely unbiased and the media is going crazy because they can’t twist his tweets to their own agenda. They are simply there for the public, straight from the President himself.

Whoopi claims that Trump’s travel ban is an attempt to erase Obama’s legacy…..She says, “Listen new guy, you’re never going to be the first black president. You are never going to take that away. You can’t erase Obama.”

Uh. Trump isn’t trying to be the first black president. What on earth does the race of the president have to do with a travel ban created to protect Americans from terrorist? Even Obummer  used travel bans, so what’s her point?

We can’t erase Obama….but guess what? We also can’t erase Jim Jones or Hilter! Just because a situation sucks and we don’t want to be associated with them does not mean we can erase them but we can sure as heck learn what not to do from them!

The only legacy Obama left was a country of sissified men, masculine women, and welfare galore.


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