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The debate surrounding the Second Amendment in America this year has been largely dependent upon the liberal left’s hysterical overreaction to a series of mental health incidents being passed off as “gun problems”.

The first of which, the Parkland, Florida Valentine’s Day massacre was the most egregious.

In that particular incident, a 19 year old former student of Stoneman Douglas High School named Nikolas Cruz entered the educational establishment and opened fire, killing 16 students and a coach before being apprehended as he attempted to disguise himself as just another evacuated student.

In the weeks that followed, disturbing tidbits of information became available about the case.  Not only had Cruz been reported to the FBI as someone who would “shoot someplace up”, but the Broward County Sheriff’s Office first responders refused to even enter the school on that fateful day until after the shooting had stopped.

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And, yes, Nikolas Cruz was mentally ill beyond any shadow of a doubt.  No one who would ever commit such an atrocious act of violence can claim otherwise, but, to reiterate the point, Cruz admitted to authorities that he had been hearing “demon voices” during his rampage.

Still, the left exploited the deaths of these children in order to push their gun-control agenda.  They even went so far as to recruit one of the Parkland students into their “activism” clique, and we’ve been stuck with David Hogg ever since.

But, finally, 5 months later, we are beginning to see the daylight at the end of the liberal rain shower, as a number of conservative students, hoping to promote gun rights, will be touring our nation’s capital.

As a pro-gun, conservative student, Anthony Bartosiewicz believes his opinion has been drowned out. The 16-year-old from Wheaton, Ill., said classmates who learn that he is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment have called him a “school shooter” or have pushed him into arguments about guns.

The highly publicized wave of student-led gun-control activism after the mass shooting at a Parkland, Fla., high school in February has left some conservative students feeling as though their views are not being taken into consideration in the debate about how to stop school shootings. As the March for Our Lives movement has been trying to push gun-control legislation across the country, a group of students who want to protect Second Amendment rights is sponsoring rallies nationwide on Saturday.

“The problem that I saw was I didn’t necessarily have a voice,” Bartosiewicz said. “It’s gotten to the point where another reason that I feel like we’ve been drowned out of the conversation is because people who are pro-gun aren’t confident enough to speak their mind.”

And these kids aren’t just blindly moving forward either.  They have a serious agenda with common sense solutions:

Organizers say they feel as though their right to bear arms is in danger and that the wave of gun-control activism could lead to certain types of guns being banned. The students are calling for the safe, responsible use of guns. They would like to see increased security in schools, including armed guards. Some would like teachers to be armed.

The group spearheading the rallies — March for Our Rights — has planned marches in Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington on Saturday, with sister events in seven other cities. The rallies are expected to be modest, but organizers hope to lay a foundation for growth in coming years. Speakers include conservative radio host and former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh at the Chicago rally and NRATV host Cam Edwards at the Washington march.

Bravo, to you, young men and women of the Second Amendment.  Without you carrying on the tradition of Constitutionalism in the United States, I’m just not sure that your generation would have stood a chance.


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