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They say a picture is worth a thousands words. If that is the case, then a video must be worth tens of thousands of words. Which is only a fraction of the words that it would take to utter the name of every single fallen soldier who has bled for our country to still stand strong today. For them, we take not only a moment of silence but also a day of memorial, and humble recognition for our brothers and sisters of the red, white, and blue.

For some gave all….and for them, we solemnly bow our heads and remove our hats as the flag whips in the wind. We must not ever reach a day where our knees do not hit the ground to pray and that we forget to place our hands over our hearts in recognition of the great people who fell before us.

Despite the attacks and media manipulation, we must not ever allow ourselves to reach a point where humbleness is out of the picture.

For those men and women, we take a moment of silence, and a day of recognition. As the video plays below, think of the families who utter the names of their loved ones who sacrificed their lives.

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