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These days, all you really need for a security system is a reliable gun and a good dog.

Last week, in Middelburg, Mpumalanga, an intruder was met with more than he bargained for when he attempted to burglarize a home whose guard dogs were in full action.

The footage below shows the man jump a fence, and inch his way towards the home. Then, he comes around a corner, and the guard dog, Boela,  confronts him! Several bites later, the man eventually made it to a table, where he stood screaming until the homeowner returned. Boela was injured because the intruder had a metal rod with which he was sing to strike the dog. However, he was able to keep the man in place until police could arrive.

The home owner said, “Poor Boela was aching because of the blows [he got from the man], and everyone that was there promised him biltong and bones, but no one brought for him, So I bought mincemeat for R100 and cooked it for him to spoil him.”

How sweet. This dog deserves a serious round of applause and endless bones!

Boela: 1
Intruders: 0

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