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Wow, this is beautiful. I hope you have your tissues ready because this one is a tear jerker.

A marine returned home from deployment to emotionally watch his young son with cerebral palsy walk for the very first time, and into his father’s arms.

Sgt. Jeremy Cooney has been serving in Afghanistan while his wife, Melissa, and son have been working extremely hard to prepare these special moments for Jeremy’s return.


Writing that the family had kept the newfound mobility a secret from Cooney, his wife Melissa explained, Doctors originally said that [our son] would never walk or do much of anything. While daddy was away, he learned to walk.” 

The emotional reunion had bystanders and viewers in tears as the young boy confidently walked towards his father, patiently waiting with outstretched arms to greet his little hero. As the child reached his father, he scooped him into his arms amidst a roaring applause and cheers from the auditorium. The family joined for a tight hug as they absorbed the miracle they had just witnessed and company of each other that they had been longing for.

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Watch for yourself:


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