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Millions of Americans watched the 2017 Super Bowl, which means that millions witnessed the Budweiser commercial, titled “Born the Hard Way.

The beer company is Belgian-owned, and the commercial focuses on how the founder was European immigrant.

In case you missed it, here it is:


Is the monster company taking a jab at President Trump and his executive order to temporarily ban immigration?

Patriot update reports:

Budweiser’s ad will most likely fall flat, however, as consumers are constantly reminded that the brand stole its name and identity from a Czech brand years and years ago, and recently sold out to Belgian conglomerate InBev for a whopping $53 billion.  (This doesn’t even begin to delve into their horrible business tactics that squash mom-and-pop companies by the dozen).

In my opinion, I think that Budweiser should just stick to horses and beer, leaving the politics out of it. They sell their product to people in every branch of the political spectrum, so why target a percentage of your audience to make them feel negative feelings? Not a smart move. This could inhibit a large portion of their sales.

The best business approach to a retail company is to keep their nose in the books and out of politics.




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